May 1st, May Day – Mayday – May day (or it may not)……



“Mayday, May day, May(not) day….this is Greece, this is Greece, this is Greece

Mayday, my position is Southern Eastern Europe

I am being destroyed socially and economically with approx. 12 million persons on board, I require immediate assistance, I require that they stop prey on my bleeding body!”


Here we are in Greece, whose mythology points us to Flora, goddess of flowers, mother of fruit and of the god of war Ares and where the labor day May first started being celebrated in 1893 in recognition of the Union workers unrest and symbol of the worker rights….

And today people go out to nature all over the country, to “grab spring”, they make wreaths, just like the graces did for the gods, others go for a picnic, others end up by the sea having a beer or ouzo or some refreshment, others go to massive protests of “the working class” because of the Chicago Union Legacy and workers rights…


May 1st is a holiday in many countries around the globe, related to Worker’s day celebration or Labor day. Actually, as such it is proclaimed a “day of strike” rather than a holiday in that context. May first was officially proclaimed a celebration by the Socialist International Convention in Paris in July the 20th 1889 in Paris, in order to honor the unrests following the rising of the labor unions of Chicago on May 1st 1886. The workers were protesting, asking for 8  hours workday as well as better working conditions. Of course this led to a bloodshed, the arrest of Union members and their trial which has later been considered by some, one of the worst mistrial incidents in US history… and in light of that it also led to 8 hour workdays and better working conditions officially recognized and institutionalized in most countries.


But May 1st was the day of the year that has been used as a celebration day in honor of the pagan goddess Flora (equivalent to the ancient Greek Nymph of the Elysian fields, Chloris, goddess of flowers). Ovid describes Flora and her tale… Daughter probably of Oceanus and wife of the wind Zephyrus…

Before flora, the earth was of one color only…then she spread the seeds of  flowers of countless colors and made the earth colorful beyond count…and when the flowers blossomed the graces came and made wreaths, which they placed on the heads of the Gods… flora was also mother of a child, her son Karpos (fruit)…

…Clorís also had another son prior to Karpos (son of Zephyrus)… and this other son was of immaculate conception… Ovid describes the goddess’ tale as if she was narrating it but here is the summary of it:

 Hera was angry at Zeus (actually she was pissed off way beyond a “get me a chocolate soufflé”  or  “grab a beautiful flower, some I-Hope pancakes and  strawberries for desert” mode) for doing whatever crossed his mind and having Athena born out of his head without Hera’s “co-op” (acting both as a father and a mother in birth) and sought revenge…(I think Hera was TOTAL anger management classes material I am telling you – though one has to admit that Zeus was a bit of a duchebag as a hubby). Well, to get her revenge she used Chloris! Cloris (who was still a virgin – or at least so she claims in Ovid…) was sent to the fields and by instruction of Hera, she plucked a barren cow flower. Upon plucking it, she conceived miraculously (Zeus being the father without his knowledge). The offspring of the flower goddess you would imagine would be someone gentle, creative, rejuvenating… well it was Ares, the god of War! (although one could blame Hera for Ares’ wrath, as she was quite a b… piece of “art”).


May 1st has been a festival to flora and also the Celtic traditions later have their own equivalents, as they celebrated Spring, although in Celtic calendars Spring is during the months of February to April, thus the coming of May is their end of Spring.


So …We have the spring godderss Cloris (or flora), daughter of the Ocean, wife of Zephyrus the wind, mother of two sons, Karpos (offspring or fruit) – legitimate son from her marriage – and prior to that, the god of War Ares, who was born through immaculate conception with the help of Hera, by his mother plucking a barren cow flower…. (I bet it sounds familiar 😉 )…. Thus Cloris, flora, spring, she has resulted in a very brutal and destructive god’s birth, this of Ares!

And while we always use spring as a metaphor for rejuvenation, re-creation (the term for example “Arab spring” these past 2 years) in politics or sociopolitical terminology, in mythology, spring is mother of War God Ares… this might be a coincidence but certainly through Irony you can see the rational conclusion…. The labor day (May 1st) was the result of “war”, of bloodshed between Union workers and Industry owners, using the notorious Pinkerton Agency….


We also call Mayday as distress signal in radio communications (although it has nothing to do with May the month but actually comes from the French “m’ aider” – Help me). Mayday was firstly introduced as distress signal by Frederick Mockford in 1923 and is emitted in the frequency of 2182 kHz….


….but in 2012 this May, may (or may-not) be different all together for Greece…. this may we also call a distress Mayday signal, we are being sunk into a premeditated exploitation scheme, with our up to now politicians forming part of it, that wants to cancel all workers rights, that makes most people unemployed, that spring may only bring her son Ares to the picnic to play with us all…. although Ares is now smart and the war he rages is socio-economic and political (smart lad this Ares bloke)….. and me.. well with a wreath on my head, wrath n my soul, playing between Ares and the ones celebrating Labor day, I can only think of my friend Karpos, the fruit…. because this May and only this May, we Greeks may vote…on May the 6th we vote for a new government and there we may give birth to a modern Karpos…. send a message and obtain a result… but I do not know if the intoxicating aroma of the may flowers and the multitude of colors will allow for the head to be “clean”, in place….

I just hope so… after all it is May the 1st

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